Adrian Green's poems have been included in the following anthologies:-

In Praise of Essex, edited by Frederic Vanson

Egon Publishers Ltd, 1980, ISBN 0 905858 14 X

Other poets include William Oxley, Isobel Thrilling and Margaret Toms

Poet's England 6, edited by John Adlard

Brentham Press, 1984, ISBN 0 905772 11 3

Other poets include John Betjeman, Donald Davie, Mervyn Linford, Katie Mallett and Edward Thomas

The Unsaid Goodnight, edited by Phil Carradice

Stride, 1989, ISBN 0 946699 73 9

Other poets include Alan Brownjohn, Roger McGough, Adrian Mitchell, Brian Patten, Kathleen Raine and Matthew Sweeney

The Smell of The Day, New Essex Writing 1993 (poetry and prose)

Eastern Arts Board

Other poets include Pat Perry, Alex Smith, and Alisoun Ward

Poetry in Practice - Essex poetry published by Poetry in Practice, 1997

Other poets include Frank Dullaghan, Maggie Freeman, Alex Smith, Ray Stebbing and John Steer

Selected Poems of the United Kingdom, edited by Patricia Oxley

Published in Kathmandu by Spiny Babbler, 2001

Other poets include Dannie Abse, Patricia Aves, Danielle Hope, Hilary Mellon, William Oxley, Peter Redgrove, Ken Smith, John Heath Stubbs, and Merryn Williams

Well Versed – Poems from the Morning Star edited by John Rety (with forward by Tony Benn)

Published by Hearing Eye, London, 2009

Other poets include Dannie Abse, Alan Brownjohn, John Heath-Stubbs, Mimi Khalvati, Bernard Kops, Mario Petrucci, Adrian Mitchell and others.

From the City to the Saltings – Poems from Essex – Edited by Derek Adams, Adrian Green and Madeline Parsons

Other poets include Tim Cunningham, Frank Dullaghan, Mervyn Linford, Hannah Lowe, and Victor Tapner

Gold – 30 years of Southend Poetry – Selected by Pascale Petit

Other poets include Derek Adams, David Carr, Robert Cole, Dorothy Gibson, Mervyn Linford,

Poems for Jeremy Corbyn (2017, edited by Merryn Williams, Shoestring Press)

Other poets include Alan Brownjohn, Tony Curtis, Ann Drysdale, Pascale Petit and Penelope Shuttle

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